Current Show

The Musical Express

Our next production will be "The Musical Express". The show will take you on a tour through a number of different musicals, featuring some well known songs in our very first revue.

For the show, we will be doing things slightly differently; rather than every single number featuring the whole cast, we will be splitting the cast into 2, the Seniors and the Juniors. This will allow our younger members to have their chance to shine, as well as allowing our older members to perform some songs they perhaps haven't had chance to before. But, there will also be numbers where everyone is together, so all members will get the chance to learn off each other.

We are also excited to announce the production team will be as follows:

  • Producer: Janet McGroggan
  • Musical Director: Lilian Atkinson
  • Senior Cast Director: Ben Evans-Clarke
  • Junior Cast Director: Sue Primrose

Rehearsals will begin in September. If you would like to find out more or make an enquiry, please feel free to Contact Us.

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